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Birthday Bash (Open to anyone)

Lord Magento allowed a small smile to appear on his face as he stepped into the grand ballroom. The room was ablaze with light and decorated tastefully with decorations for the celebration.

Lorna would be surprised and happy about the celebration in honour of her birthday. Jarvis had outdone himself and all expectations that Magnus had for him in organizing this event. The guest list had been drawn up, the invitations sent out, the decorations and food ordered and prepared, the orchestra booked and all that was left to do was wait for the guests to arrive.

He was a little concerned about security, as he always was during special functions in the palace. Shaw and the Red Guard would be the main security force and would be inside among the guests and Magnus' own personal security force would be outside the palace, but he wouldn't put it past the Sapiens to try something.

Shaw and the Red Guard would be among the first to arrive, along with any guests who managed to arrive a little early. Then the majority of the guests would arrive and finally Lorna. How Jarvis managed to arrange this event without his daughter gaining knowledge of it, Magnus would never know, but the man had managed to do it. Perhaps it was time to give the man a raise for his loyal and excellent services. The House of Magnus was fortunate to have him.

He exited the ballroom and slowly walked back to his private chambers. It wouldn't be proper for him to be there before any of the guests.
Tags: magento, mortimer, mystique, natasha, sam guthrie, wolverine
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