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Wanda M.

Wanda's Suite

Wanda stood in front of the mirror in her suite glancing at her figure first from one angle and then from another. She’d managed to fasten the burgundy pants she was wearing, but she couldn’t be certain that her burgeoning curves were completely hidden by the thigh-length jacket she’d chosen to go over them. The days she’d spent in loose dressing gowns, indulging in chocolate and quiet play-time with the boys were catching up with her. She sighed as she examined the soft padding under her chin.

A noise from the couch drew her attention. She smiled, her mood immediately elevated. Her shoes clicked across the floor and then muffled as she moved across the thick carpeting. Squatting down in front of the sofa, she was at eye level with her sons. They looked up from the book they were looking at, expressions neutral – two pairs of blue eyes not quite vacant, but not exactly there either.

Leaning up, Wanda kissed them each on their temples and smiled down at them. Jarvis had gone to collect Emma Frost-Summers and her husband at the airport. One of the servants had delivered the message that they had arrived safely and that Ms. Frost-Summers was eager to meet with the boys. Possibly even as early as that very afternoon!

Wanda suppressed a thrill of excitement, she wanted so much for these sessions to work. If, as she had begun to hope, her children’s behavior was related to their mutant gifts, and if this woman could help them... She hardly dared imagine how much that would mean to her.

Though she was now sitting quite close to Thomas, both boys had turned their attention back to their book, seemingly hardly aware that she was there. She tried again to make eye contact with either boy, but was unsuccessful. Instead, she just settled back and enjoyed their quiet nearness.

After this afternoon, no that was too soon to hope for. In a few weeks, perhaps. After that it would be safe to expect an improvement. She’d pay a personal visit to their guests after lunch. For now, she’d allow them time to settle in and relax after their long flight from the states. She sighed again, this time contentedly, and reached over to ruffle first Thomas’s blond curls and then William’s dark ones. This time, she didn’t even mind when they hardly seemed to notice.

((Open to anyone in the palace))
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