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First Steps

Vance Astrovik hadn’t been in New York City since he had been forced to run from the New Mutant Leadership Institute almost three years ago. And he hadn’t been in Sapien Town for more than fifteen minutes when he saw the Bedlam Brothers harassing a pair of sapiens. He didn’t know who the Bedlams were but he could figure out there powers as he approached. The shorter one with the dreds, Jesse, was able to screw up machines as shown when the cell phone one of the sapiens pulled to call the cops exploded into a couple of firecrackers’ worth of sparks. The taller one with the shaved head, Terrence, was able to mess with minds as evidenced by the gibberish the sapiens were spouting.

Rule one when out numbered: take out the bigger threat first. One jab to Terrence’s right kidney followed up by a telekinetically assisted punch to the side of his head sent Terrence sprawling on the ground.

“Get outta here,” Vance yelled at the sapiens as Jesse growled “Motherfucker!” and leapt forward. Vance blocked both hands with his forearms and then landed a glass jaw shattering uppercut. Jesse fell back against a parked car and its alarm started beeping.

Terence was much more cool-headed than his younger brother. No yelling, no amateurish leaping; from his position on the ground he pulled out his .45 and fired a single shot at Vance. Vance was just barely able to get his telekinetic shield up and deflected the bullet into the ground.

Then the umbrellas swayed puppies sunshine.

Terrence stood up. “That’s right,” he laughed, “Mister big bad sapien-lovin’ trash. This is your brain smashed with a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.”

“Turtle hemorrhage we shoes,” Vance managed. He needed to grab onto something real in the completely random world he had suddenly found himself. His right hand instinctively reached for the shield that he kept hidden on his back underneath his long blue trench coat, the shield of Captain America.

“What the…?” Terrence was able to get out before the shield was smashed into his face, popping out three teeth, by a firm telekinetic shove.

“You two,” Vance asked, “Don’t you know what your human ancestors had to go through? And now you’re being the racist?”

Terrence held his left hand over his mouth. He tried another mind blast but this time Vance was prepared. Fine. Terrence then fired four shots from his gun. Vance stopped them with his telekinesis like Neo at the end of The Matrix. He let three of the bullets drop to the ground and then telekinetically shoved the last one into Terrence’s right lung. Jesse had finally pulled himself together and when he saw this he yelled “Bastard!” at Vance and ran to his brother. Holding Terrence up Jesse threatened, “Next time we meet you’re dead you race traitor!”

“Whatever,” Vance muttered as he stepped aside to let them pass. He was too tired to go through his usual righteous rants about the current state of America. Instead he concentrated hard on the gun. By warping just a few internal pieces beyond repair with his telekinesis he made the gun nothing more than an interesting paperweight. “I’d recommend taking him to the hospital,” Vance recommended.

“Fuck you!” Jesse called back. Vance chuckled.

Then Vance was suddenly grabbed from behind and shoved into an alley. “That was real dumb, kid,” a deep rumbling voice says.

“I just took out those two punks and I’ll take you…” Vance trailed off. “Wait, you’re Luke Cage.”

“Yeah, kid, I’m Luke Cage, and from where I was standing you were the punk.”

“How am I the punk? Those guys were beating up an old man and I stopped them,” Vance responded.

“Yeah, you stopped them, and you flashed that fancy ass shield o’ yours, too.” Cage just shook his head. “That is the definition of a punk, doing stupid shit. Now everyone is going to know that you’re in Sapien Town.”

“Me? Who knows me?” Vance asked and unconsciously scratched his head.

“You kidding?” Cage straightened up a bit taller, “Every sapien’s heard of the new Cap.”

“The n-new what now?” Vance stuttered.

“What are you doing here, anyway?” Cage asked.

“I’m the what?” Vance asked.

“Answer my question. What are you doing in Sapien Town?” Cage continued sternly.

“OK, OK,” Vance said and put his hands up in a defeated gesture. “I was trying to find either Nick Fury or you guys, the Sapien Resistance.”

“Ah, man. You don’t want Fury. He’s fuckin’ cracked.”

“Fury’s a hero,” Vance responded, “He’s…”

Cage shook his head. “He used to be a hero. Now he’s a nut. Avoid him, man. I’m warning you. He’s bad shit”

“OK, whatever. I’m not gonna argue,” Vance conceded the argument though he was unconvinced. “But what about you guys?”

Cage just stood there.

Vance shifted his weight uncomfortably.

Cage still just stood there.

“Uh…” Vance started.

Cage turned around and walked away. He responded without turning, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Vance sighed. Then he gave two thumbs up and a forced smile. Through gritting teeth he ended the meeting with “Nice meetin’ you, too.”
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