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Contact (Open to Moira)

Nick knocked on the door of the small cottage and waited for an answer.

The cottage was a ways from the closest town, set out in the country and offered a great deal of privacy. It reminded Nick of Val's place in France. The thought of Val made him frown. He didn't need his mind going in that direction. She was nothing but a distraction. He couldn't afford distractions.

He knocked on the door again.

Natasha had passed on information about a one Moira MacTaggart. Perhaps the only human who SHIELD wanted more than they wanted him. The woman was apparently a brilliant scientist and Nobel Prize Winner to boot, in the field of genetics and that made SHIELD and The House of Magnus nervous. Especially after she made a public announcement for the need of a cure for mutancy. It was no surprise she went on the lam immediately after the announcement.

Tasha had given him all that SHIELD knew about the woman and his search had eventually led him to this small cottage somewhere in God knew where in Sweden.

It took some time to find out exactly where she was, but Nick posed as an estranged brother looking for his sister. He had even managed to fake a somewhat credible Scottish accent. Hanging around with those Scottish soliders had paid off more than the drinking the Howlers did with them and all the money that had been won.

He knocked on the door again and waited.
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