Nate Grey (the_new_shaman) wrote in house_of_magnus,
Nate Grey

Meanwhile, In the UK

When the dust finally settled after the attack at the Butt Monkey's concert, the concert hall was leveled, TJ and Richard Brand were both hospitalized with injuries, as well as a number of other bystanders.

Eventually, the proper authorities, which included a squad of Sentinels, came and took care of the scene. Whatever happened to everyone else, Nate didn't stay behind to check. He left the group during all the confusion. Not that he didn't want to be around them, but he had so many questions, but so few answers.

What the hell was the House of M? Who pulled him into this world? And what for?

He needed to find out. He didn't think that London held the answers he needed, but getting out of town would pose a problem. The authorities would be looking for him, and he needed to keep a very low profile. Even if mutants weren't shy about using their powers in this world, it still made sense not to do anything to get himself noticed, what with all the Sentinels floating about. So instead he wandered around the streets of London for a few hours, looking for a safe place to hide out for a little while.

But he was Nate Grey, so even if he wasn't looking for trouble, trouble always came looking for him.

((Open to anyone in the UK))
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