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New York

New York. It was good to be home, Nick thought as he walked down the street not far from the SHIELD Central building. Even the polluted air was welcomed. He had traveled the globe, but New York would always be home. It was where he grew up, where he worked for decades and probably where he would die. It was home.

Nick looked up at the towering SHIELD building wanting nothing more than to be able to walk its halls again. It had been twenty years and he realized how quickly time slipped by. He was old and tired. He was tired of fighting day in and day out and dodging law enforcement agencies.

He made his way to the tunnels, quickly and quietly as he could. Paris was behind him and it was time to get back to work.

Twenty minutes later he emerged from the tunnels and into the heart of Hell’s kitchen.

((Open to Human Resistance members and or any SHIELD members who want to go after Nick))
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