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A Princess's Homecoming

Tossing long green locks over her shoulder, Princess Lorna stepped out of the limo with a scowl directed at the woman who held the door for her. It wasn’t that she’d been able to find anything in particular to criticize about the driver who’d met her at the airport, other than that she wasn’t the person she’d been expecting. Nevertheless, she’d taken an immediate dislike to the woman’s professionally blank expression and impeccable uniform – cap set low over her eyes – and she’d taken the shocking shade of green lipstick she wore as a personal affront.

Regardless, they’d arrived at the palace and made good time. Lorna had considered making a dramatic entrance through the main doors on the way, but decided against it when she saw one of the other limos still parked by the more secluded entrances. Directing her driver to alter course, she was mollified when the woman had complied without comment and parked smoothly just around the curve of the drive. She wouldn’t be asking daddy to fire her after all.

Now, as she stepped away from the limo, effectively dismissing the driver from her thoughts, her eyes swept the yard and found the driver of the other limo, a tall, blond man leaning against the cab. She sized him up as she sauntered over; slender, blue-eyed, cap slightly askew, taking a smoking break. He watched her approach.

She stood a moment, regarding him, before she spoke, voice low, “I was expecting you today, you know.”

The man shrugged, “Official palace business, luv. You understand.”

“For my father?”

He shook his head. Probably for Jarvis then. She wondered what was going on. Not that all the intricacies of palace life interested her, but Lorna never liked to feel closed out of anything.

Frowning, she traced a random pattern on the smooth, polished side of the black limo. This man had proved his loyalty during the human-mutant wars, and now was one of her father’s most trusted followers. He never gave anything important away, not ever, no matter how much she teased. Still, he was fun to play with.

She sent him a sly look. “Do you like my necklace.” Leaning over a little closer, she moved loose hair out of the way to put the gold jewelry on the best display. Through her skin, she could sense the metal infused with the gold and the jewels as it flashed in the light.

The embers of the cigarette glowed brightly and faded. She couldn’t resist an impulsive request.

“Make me a dragon.”

His eyes were very, very blue as he looked at her. Then, a spark flared and left the tip of the cigarette. It was tiny at first, but quickly grew long and serpentine. Lorna stood mesmerized as the intricately shaped creature flew around her, appearing almost alive. She stared into deep red eyes, and was startled to see the fire-being appear to smile at her before, with a flick of its tail, it disintegrated in a shower of red-gold sparks.

Lorna grinned, sated. She’d wouldn't trade the past three weeks of partying for anything, but she’d missed her life in Genosha.

“Help with your things?” the Australian asked.

“Not today, let’s just let the servants take care of it.” She sent him a last lingering smile over her shoulder, “Right now, I want to find Daddy.”

Entering the interior of the castle, Lorna could feel the magnetic forces that emanated all around her. Most architects didn’t design buildings with more than function and aesthetic properties in mind, but her father had created a true work of art. It was a shame that only they, with their shared gifts were able to fully appreciate the effect. She flexed the fields around her, comforted by the pleasant feeling, it was nice to be home.
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