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Her Royal Highness, Ororo of Kenya.

Lounging poolside at Neena's. ( Storm solo)

Muddled oranges, reds, and browns splashed against the dark background of relaxed eyelids, as the Queen of Kenya lifted her face to greet the high Genoshan sun. Her limbs stretched and reveled in the warm moist air as she summoned a small breeze to tickle her skin against the sheer violet caftan she wore and play with her unbound hair. She opened her eyes only to let them be mesmerized by the play of light on the clear blue water softly circulating a few feet away. Her concentration was so intense that anyone approaching might have thought she was attempting to scrye some unknown future in the water and they would not have been too far off.

Ororo sighed and rolled her shoulders in attempt to ease the remaining tension locked there, but it was no use as her mind persisted in replaying the events of the past few weeks. I should not delay much further. It is almost time to end my respite here, and proceed with entering the lion's den. And then...there shall be no more avoidance between the House of Magnus and I. In all ways. The wave of guilt and apprehension magnified when she thought of putting off Pietro's desire to visit her, but she resisted the urge to inspect those insecurities and fears. She'd used her work and Neena's temporary absence as an excuse for him not to visit at the moment, but she did not expect the complete silence from him that followed thereafter. He was usually more persistant after being denied, so this silence threw her completely. The trade negotiations with Magnus were a much greater preoccupation and still remained to be dealt with. She was not looking forward to the inevitable confrontation with the ruler of the land. She knew he would consider an Africa on the verge of becoming an economic super-power a dangerous challenge to the hegemonic rule of Genosha. Though he formally installed her as ruler of Kenya and co-ruler of most of the continent after the Mutant-Human wars, he could not have done it without the support of the masses that had congregated to back her.

Magnus did not trust her political agenda and he was right to do so, because she refused to back down from stating her public opinion regarding the hypocrisy of a mutant elite hierarchy. The rumors of human atrocities being committed by shadowed men circulated out from Egypt, and Ororo would not leave her people in ignorance and vulnerable to this possible threat. And though the Queen set her own agenda, Magnus might also choose to be personally offended that she'd dallied at Neena's for so long, when he'd deliberately insisted that she lodge in the palace like the other royal diplomats, no doubt to assert his control. As if he had not already made attempts to bribe and infiltrate information from my staff, she thought darkly. And considering the elevating assassination threats, Marrow should be earning her keep well, instead of harassing my my associates here.

In her displeasure with Sarah's previous conduct, she had proceeded with sending her ahead to the Genoshan palace and recalled another of her security detail to take her place. Her eyes now traveled to that replacement who was currently sweltering in a dark black suit thanks to the heat and humidity, and while he was used to such temperatures, she could sense his sweaty albeit stoic discomfort. She rolled her eyes discreetly, and proceeded to indulge in a bit a mischief to pick up her mood.

The tall brown-skinned man rubbed his ear as a fat cold drop of water hit and dribbled down it. He swatted as another big drop plopped against his strong hawkish nose. He really should have known better, but he proceeded to look up to check if the forecast of sunshine had been incorrect after all. The small black cloud less then a foot away from his face rumbled cheerfully in greeting and released the cold downpour of water that drenched his hair, face, and then most of his shirt and jacket. After taking a minute to wring out his wet garments and long black hair, his waterlogged scowl settled firmly on the culprit now snickering loudly behind her hands and raised a black questioning brow.

"A thundercloud for a Thunderbird eh, Princess?"

"Of course not, James."

He never heard the gust of wind that sailed him into the pool.
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