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A surprise [15 Jul 2006|03:45am]

The party was going smoothly.

His children look like they are enjoying themselves and the guests as well. Magnus is mostly keeping to himself during the party. He isn't feeling socialible, but he does talk to others when protocol demands it.

The focus of his attention is on his children.

He watches them talking to others and moving around the room. He is so intent on observing them he almost misses the low booms that are starting outside. At first it is one single one, but another follows and then another. Each one louder than the previous one.

Magnus knows it's not the fireworks that are planned for later in the evening. The Sapiens are daring to attack.
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Birthday Bash (Open to anyone) [30 Jun 2006|11:54pm]

Lord Magento allowed a small smile to appear on his face as he stepped into the grand ballroom. The room was ablaze with light and decorated tastefully with decorations for the celebration.

Lorna would be surprised and happy about the celebration in honour of her birthday. Jarvis had outdone himself and all expectations that Magnus had for him in organizing this event. The guest list had been drawn up, the invitations sent out, the decorations and food ordered and prepared, the orchestra booked and all that was left to do was wait for the guests to arrive.

He was a little concerned about security, as he always was during special functions in the palace. Shaw and the Red Guard would be the main security force and would be inside among the guests and Magnus' own personal security force would be outside the palace, but he wouldn't put it past the Sapiens to try something.

Shaw and the Red Guard would be among the first to arrive, along with any guests who managed to arrive a little early. Then the majority of the guests would arrive and finally Lorna. How Jarvis managed to arrange this event without his daughter gaining knowledge of it, Magnus would never know, but the man had managed to do it. Perhaps it was time to give the man a raise for his loyal and excellent services. The House of Magnus was fortunate to have him.

He exited the ballroom and slowly walked back to his private chambers. It wouldn't be proper for him to be there before any of the guests.
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Contact (Open to Moira) [17 Jun 2006|10:22pm]

Nick knocked on the door of the small cottage and waited for an answer.

The cottage was a ways from the closest town, set out in the country and offered a great deal of privacy. It reminded Nick of Val's place in France. The thought of Val made him frown. He didn't need his mind going in that direction. She was nothing but a distraction. He couldn't afford distractions.

He knocked on the door again.

Natasha had passed on information about a one Moira MacTaggart. Perhaps the only human who SHIELD wanted more than they wanted him. The woman was apparently a brilliant scientist and Nobel Prize Winner to boot, in the field of genetics and that made SHIELD and The House of Magnus nervous. Especially after she made a public announcement for the need of a cure for mutancy. It was no surprise she went on the lam immediately after the announcement.

Tasha had given him all that SHIELD knew about the woman and his search had eventually led him to this small cottage somewhere in God knew where in Sweden.

It took some time to find out exactly where she was, but Nick posed as an estranged brother looking for his sister. He had even managed to fake a somewhat credible Scottish accent. Hanging around with those Scottish soliders had paid off more than the drinking the Howlers did with them and all the money that had been won.

He knocked on the door again and waited.
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Returning from the mission (NC-17) [02 Jun 2006|11:39pm]

Logan frowns as the transport gently lands. The mission had been a success but it hadn't been without its problems. Equipment failures had plagued them, but frankly he didn't care. The mission was done and there was going to be hell to pay when they got back, but it would be worth it.

The kid was free and the people responsible were taught a lesson. Now they could go back to the Helicarrier, get their asses chewed out by Shaw and then he could get drunk. That's what he was looking forward to.
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[02 Jun 2006|06:26pm]

Sunlight, always the hated announcer of morning, streamed in the windows to land on Rictor's suddenly blinking eyes.

"Chinga," he said, which was his usual response to waking up.

There was a shifting next to him, as someone buried their head under a pillow.

Ric blinked. This was not normal. 'Star never buried his head under a pillow. In fact, 'Star was usually up long before the sun had risen high enough in the sky to stream through the windows, believing that the day was better spent actually doing stuff rather than lying around in bed like Rictor preffered. He looked over at who was next to him.


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The Princess's Royal Chamber [01 Jun 2006|06:39pm]

The Princess Wanda was lounging in her Royal Chambers, enjoying a cool breeze off the ocean and a bowl of imported chocolate. She was dressed entirely in scarlet (her favorite color) and the decor of the room incorporated not a little of that hue. Though, of course, it was tastefully ornate, as most of the palace was.

Her younger sister, the Princess Lorna, long jade hair down to her back, stood near the open window, looking contemplatively into the distance. Wanda looked at her sidelong from underneath her own auburn tresses, Lorna had been very quiet ever since her return to Genosha. 'I will just give her more time before I ask her about it,' she thought as she helped herself to another chocolate.

Idly, she wondered if Jarvis had managed to track down either of the twins. She hadn't seen either of them since breakfast, and already she missed them. She supposed it was to be expected now that her sons were teenagers, but they didn't spend nearly as much time around their mother as she wished they would anymore. Wanda sighed, children grew up so fast.
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Imp of the Perverse (tag anyone at the palace) [27 May 2006|10:27am]

[ mood | amused ]

William Magnus Lehnsherr ducked out of the palace gardens and inside quickly, eyes hunting for gardeners all the while. Clutched in his hand was a bouquet of flowers gleaned from those carefully tended and guarded beds. The gardeners were going to be absolutely furious when they found out.

And the amount that William did not care was incredibly vast.

One of his tutors called it the Imp of the Perverse. It was this need to do something, no matter what the consequences. Both he and his twin seemed to be very happy to inflict it on everyone, but William was far subtler about it.

After all, it was hard to be subtle about high-speed wedgies.

William grinned a little at the flowers. Thomas took the wrap for most of the little pranks. He was responsible for half of them anyway. His brother was far more likely to pull an obvious prank than William was. It’d started when they were seven, and had finally started to develop separate personalities. Thomas was the extrovert, always ready to run out and face the world, while William staid behind, with Mother.

It hadn’t been a very great surprise that Thomas had developed super-speed. He looked more and more like Uncle Pietro every day.

William’s powers were far subtler. A small change here, a little tweak there…

William remained his mother’s son. Ready to do anything to make her smile. Whatever it took to make her happy. Even if it meant driving the poor gardeners mad, raiding the flower beds.

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Bad Information ((Looking for Clint)) [15 Apr 2006|10:50pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Vance sat alone in his apartment. The apartment was only two rooms. The main room was furnished with a card table and one folding chair, both left by an earlier tenant. Off to the side of the room was a psuedo-kitchen area; it had a small sink, a mini-fridge, and a half stove (two burners and an oven too small to put a pizza into). The other room was the bedroom; the bathroom was a communal one down the hall. The bedroom had a bed, a small dresser (which had two extra shirts and a pair of jeans inside it and a copy of Blazin’ Redheads on top of it), a closet (that currently held only his trenchcoat and the Shield), and a desk (which was made of boards and cinder blocks “liberated” from a nearby construction site). When using the desk he would sit on the end of the bed, as he was now. His laptop computer hummed softly as he surfed the Internet.

He stared intently at the screen. Suddenly he gasped. He was struck by the urge to stand up and sit down at the same time, and even though he was already sitting the urge resulted in him stumbling to the floor. He stayed there a moment, just looking at the grayed wood floor. He took a deep breath and stood up. He rubbed both hands over his face. He sat back down on the bed and looked at the screen. There was a picture of the Avengers. And standing right next to Captain America himself was Vance Astrovik. But he wasn’t just standing there. No. He was with them. He was a member. He was a hero called Justice.

It gets worse.Collapse )

((See a special footnote here.))

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New York - the Bronx [21 Mar 2006|08:48pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Vance, with shoulders hunched, stood outside of the old brownstone that belonged to his idol, Steve Rogers. Captain America. The man who captured Hitler and was also the first man on the moon. And now some people were referring to Vance as Captain America? Just because Steve Rogers let him carry the shield didn’t mean he had passed on the title. How could Vance take it? Captain America was the greatest man ever born, not some vagabond mutant twenty year old from an abusive home who hid the shield, the symbol of freedom and liberty, under a tattered blue trench coat.
A chat with the greatest American hero.Collapse )

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A Simple Plan ((Open to Human Resistance)) [19 Mar 2006|09:28pm]

Nick checked his watch for the tenth time in the past five minutes. The truck carrying the shipment of weapons to be stored in the warehouse would be passing by their location soon. It was their way into the warehouse to where SHIELD had a stockpile of weapons. Weapons that would help them in their fight against the mutants.

Nick looked at his watch again.

Was that nervousness that he felt and which kept him looking at his watch? Never in his long life had he been nervous before a mission. Not even before all of the seemingly impossible missions that he had during World War II had he ever been like this.

He knew why he was nervous. He had more to lose than he ever had before, but he tried to push the thoughts of Val and his daughter to the back of his mind. He didn’t need to be thinking about them now. Besides, he didn’t know if there were any telepaths around.

He looked at his watch again.

The truck should be arriving soon. The plan was simple and simple plans were some of Nick’s favorite things. They were to ambush the truck, take the guards’ uniforms and then take their places. After that it was just a matter of driving the truck into the highly secure warehouse compound, get the weapons they wanted and then blow the joint up.


But plans had a way of going belly up very quickly.

Nick looked at his watch again.
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Storm arrives at the Royal Palace. (Open to all within) [05 Mar 2006|12:03am]

Ororo cricked her neck and fortified herself with a few deep breaths before making the move to escape the solace of the black limousine that transported her to Magneto's palace. She knew the moment she stepped outside and into his home -his arena, she corrected- the mask would have to go up. It was the mask that enabled her to deal with the false welcoming greetings, the razor-edged inquiries, and the manipulative whispers behind her back. This same mask allowed her to meet all of those things with a serene expression and unflappable steel in her eyes. She would smile genially in welcome and exchange friendly banter in camaraderie, while feeling more and more suffocated by the deceit and the anger that welled up in her throat which she could never voice. Those two emotions rested just above the fear she carried should her armor slip, the mask shatter, to leave her exposed to the rabid pack surrounding her.

She despised the jaded politicians, social climbers, and media personalities that looked at her with greedy opportunism and she despised that she was only distinct from them by mere degrees. She would meet with world leaders and eventually they would adjourn to discuss national matters, all the while assessing each other with suspicion and implied threats.

The Queen looked down at herself, turning her attention to her hands. She closed her eyes -one breath, then two- and agonizingly unfisted them until they lay flat against the smooth leather of her seat. She waited and there it was. The guilt weighed in its accustomed place on her conscience, while the burden -the responsibility, she amended fiercely- to her people settled on her shoulders.

She opened her eyes and slid out the door into the glaring light beyond
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Sam's apartment [01 Mar 2006|09:17pm]

Sam typed slowly at the computer in his apartment that night. He told himself he'd have all the footnotes for the completed section done by 9 p.m., but he didn't seem likely to meet that deadline as it approached. He was...distracted. Creeped out, really. Couldn't stop thinking about that afternoon.

((Open to Shatterstar))
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[01 Mar 2006|03:30pm]

'Star sat on the edge of the desk, watching out the window while Julio filled in paperwork. They were expecting Sam Guthrie again in ten minutes, he wanted more information about the rebuilding.

Julio was quiet when he did paperwork. It was one of the few times 'Star felt obliged to fill the silence.

"Julio." He watched butterflies flutter past the office window. "Sometimes I think about humans. They are fragile. But there are so many of them. Like Heliogabalus with the rose petals. He would let tonnes of them down during his parties. So small and delicate. But they nearly killed people, from the weight. Smother them. He was mad."

Julio made a non-comittal noise. 'Star knew he was listening.

((Open to Sam. Julio vaguely god-modded with mun's permission due to unavailability, jump in if you want to Ric-mun.))
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Meanwhile, In the UK [28 Feb 2006|07:48pm]

When the dust finally settled after the attack at the Butt Monkey's concert, the concert hall was leveled, TJ and Richard Brand were both hospitalized with injuries, as well as a number of other bystanders.

Eventually, the proper authorities, which included a squad of Sentinels, came and took care of the scene. Whatever happened to everyone else, Nate didn't stay behind to check. He left the group during all the confusion. Not that he didn't want to be around them, but he had so many questions, but so few answers.

What the hell was the House of M? Who pulled him into this world? And what for?

He needed to find out. He didn't think that London held the answers he needed, but getting out of town would pose a problem. The authorities would be looking for him, and he needed to keep a very low profile. Even if mutants weren't shy about using their powers in this world, it still made sense not to do anything to get himself noticed, what with all the Sentinels floating about. So instead he wandered around the streets of London for a few hours, looking for a safe place to hide out for a little while.

But he was Nate Grey, so even if he wasn't looking for trouble, trouble always came looking for him.

((Open to anyone in the UK))
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New York [19 Feb 2006|01:48am]

New York. It was good to be home, Nick thought as he walked down the street not far from the SHIELD Central building. Even the polluted air was welcomed. He had traveled the globe, but New York would always be home. It was where he grew up, where he worked for decades and probably where he would die. It was home.

Nick looked up at the towering SHIELD building wanting nothing more than to be able to walk its halls again. It had been twenty years and he realized how quickly time slipped by. He was old and tired. He was tired of fighting day in and day out and dodging law enforcement agencies.

He made his way to the tunnels, quickly and quietly as he could. Paris was behind him and it was time to get back to work.

Twenty minutes later he emerged from the tunnels and into the heart of Hell’s kitchen.

((Open to Human Resistance members and or any SHIELD members who want to go after Nick))
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Lunch with the Royal Family [14 Feb 2006|06:38pm]

The palace’s affairs were in order. The staff were going about their jobs with little mishap, their guests, including Queen Ororo’s retinue, were settled in comfortably, their needs attended to. Jarvis was free to retire to the quiet of the private kitchen he kept in upper levels of the Royal Palace.

He thanked the servants who had commenced chopping and lining up components of the day’s planned meal and then dismissed them. Cooking was always a task that he enjoyed and he relaxed and allowed his mind a brief respite from his present obligations as he prepared luncheon for the Royal Family.

Read more...Collapse )

((Open to the royal family))
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Wanda's Suite [14 Feb 2006|04:51pm]

Wanda stood in front of the mirror in her suite glancing at her figure first from one angle and then from another. She’d managed to fasten the burgundy pants she was wearing, but she couldn’t be certain that her burgeoning curves were completely hidden by the thigh-length jacket she’d chosen to go over them. The days she’d spent in loose dressing gowns, indulging in chocolate and quiet play-time with the boys were catching up with her. She sighed as she examined the soft padding under her chin.

A noise from the couch drew her attention. She smiled, her mood immediately elevated. Her shoes clicked across the floor and then muffled as she moved across the thick carpeting. Squatting down in front of the sofa, she was at eye level with her sons. They looked up from the book they were looking at, expressions neutral – two pairs of blue eyes not quite vacant, but not exactly there either.

Leaning up, Wanda kissed them each on their temples and smiled down at them. Jarvis had gone to collect Emma Frost-Summers and her husband at the airport. One of the servants had delivered the message that they had arrived safely and that Ms. Frost-Summers was eager to meet with the boys. Possibly even as early as that very afternoon!

Read more...Collapse )

((Open to anyone in the palace))
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A Princess's Homecoming [14 Feb 2006|04:33pm]

Lorna returns to the palaceCollapse )
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First Steps [09 Feb 2006|11:05pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Vance Astrovik hadn’t been in New York City since he had been forced to run from the New Mutant Leadership Institute almost three years ago. And he hadn’t been in Sapien Town for more than fifteen minutes when he saw the Bedlam Brothers harassing a pair of sapiens. He didn’t know who the Bedlams were but he could figure out there powers as he approached. The shorter one with the dreds, Jesse, was able to screw up machines as shown when the cell phone one of the sapiens pulled to call the cops exploded into a couple of firecrackers’ worth of sparks. The taller one with the shaved head, Terrence, was able to mess with minds as evidenced by the gibberish the sapiens were spouting.

Rule one when out numbered: take out the bigger threat first. One jab to Terrence’s right kidney followed up by a telekinetically assisted punch to the side of his head sent Terrence sprawling on the ground.

Continues here. Some harsh language.Collapse )

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Lounging poolside at Neena's. ( Storm solo) [08 Feb 2006|08:16pm]

A long post in which Ororo does a loose internal recap and finally gets her pool boy.Collapse )
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